Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Copenhagen, Denmark

Lund, Sweden

playing some cards at the park
Friday, April 16, 2010 Denmark's Queen, Margrethe, turned 70.

Missy, Elise, Jerome waiting outside for the queens birthday parade

A snap shot of a part of the evening

home-made perogies, compliments of Slawek

All of my roommates(minus Celine whose taking the picture). starting on the left: Me, Enrique(spain), Mark(Pats friend visiting from Ireland), Missy(california), Jerome(Holland), Maggie(pats friend visiting from Chicago), Pat(Chicago), Slawek(Poland), Adele(France).

Botanical gardens

walking the streets

Thanks, Missy

This is another picture of Kings Garden, facing the other direction.

I didnt see the ground, let alone grass, in Copenhagen for at least my first 2 months in Denmark. This is the "Kings Gardens". It is only about a 5 minute walk from my apartment. We go here whenever the weather is nice out to play soccer, hacky, throw some frisbee, or just kick it on the lawn.

weekend trip for all the int'l students.
The famous ~Little Mermaid~ ...aint she a beaut? Its a shame one of the only tourist attractions in Copenhagen got shipped off to, china where she will be featured in an exhibit.

University of Copenhagaen: Frederiksberg campus.

Everything was frozen solid.

The night i arrived in Copenhagen there was a huge snow storm. This was my first day walking the streets of the city. My hotel was only 2 blocks away from this canal...
Fixing up some bikes
The courtyard of my apartment building. We sometimes go out here and have a BBQ or juggle the soccer ball.

Flight to Copenhagen: Pittsburgh-> Miami->Hethrow, London-> Copenhagen